Object Oriented Programming using C++

Get started your career with Object Oriented Programming using C++

C++ is the most fundamental language among all to facilitate Object Oriented Programming. Write your first object oriented program using C++.

  • Introduction to C++ - Data Types, Variables, Constants, Expressions, Operators, Keywords, Identifiers, Programming Block, Header Files, Storage Class, Scope, Type Casting etc.
  • Macros, Macro Functions, Typedef etc.
  • Flow of Control - If-Else, Switch-Case, For loop, While loop, Do-While loop, Break, Continue, Goto
  • Working with References, Pointers, Array, String etc.
  • Understanding Functions - Calling functions with argument, Returning from function, Call and Return by Value/Reference/Pointer, Function Prototype etc.
  • Unions, Structures and Class
  • Characteristics of OOPs - Encapsulation, Data Hiding, Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism. Different types of Inheritance. Virtual & Pure Virtual Functions/Class etc.
  • Constructor, Destructor, Overloading, Overriding, Derived Classes etc.
  • Projects using C++ Programming Language