Professional Basic

Enrich your Professional Carrier from the expertises of our Talent Transformation department

The course has been designed to give a great exposure of Modern Computing, System Knowledge, Cloud Technologies, Ethical Hacking, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, MIS Reports, Network & Applications, Social Media in Digital Marketing, Basic knowledge of Designing/Editing/Accounting

  • System Knowledge - Computer Architecture, Software v/s Hardware, Operating System, I/O Devices, Storage Management, Process Management, File Management, Computer Threats (Virus, Worm, Trojan etc.)
  • Industrial Office Package - Industrial application of entire MS-Office, Writing document with Word, Advance Excel to get migrated into professional works, Business Presentation through MS-PowerPoint and others
  • Knowledge of MIS Report - Reports based on MS Excel/Access/Power Point, Learn other official applications
  • Network Applications - LAN, WAN, MAN, NFC, Blutooth, Wifi, Miracast, Multicast, Broadcast, Unicast, Broswer, Internet, Security, Social Media Knowledge
  • Knowledge of Cloud Application - SaaS, RaaS, DRaaS, etc., Technologies of yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • Social Media Knowledge - Basics of Digital Marketing, Online Content Management, Security Management
  • Design Basic - Basic knowledge of Photoshop, Editing etc.
  • Choose One - Basic Knowledge of Accounting / Programming
  • Live Project