Infinity Core Framework

ONE-STOP eBusiness Solution

"Infinity" is a Framework based platform with Integrated eBusiness Essentials. With its highly Customizable and easily Configurable interfaces, "Infinity Enterprise Application" serves various industry verticals

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Infinity PACS

A Complete Banking, Financial & Trading Solution for PACS

Infinity Finance is specialy developed for Primary Agricultural Credit Society (PACS). With its Centralized architecture, Multi Organization, Multi Branch and Position hierarchy, Infinity Finance enables its registered users to connect through the web browsers

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Infinity Retail Mgmt

Retail Management System with Stock, Inventory and Financial Accounting

Stay out of complex calculation and taxes. Let us help you to automate your business

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Infinity Student Mgmt

Infinity Student Management System - Offers A Complete Peace of Mind

Maintain your Students' Data, Attendance, Teachers' Payroll, Class and Exam Schedules, Report Cards, Library - A Complete ERP and Education Institute Management System

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Infinity eDocument Mgmt

Integrated Electronic Document Management System

Document management systems support the life cycle management of document based information. These systems consist of a variety of technologies. DMS functions include capture, storage, classification, indexing, versioning, maintenance, use, security, and retention of documents. Document management system, however, is designed to improve your business's handling of electronic files

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Hosting Services

Specialised Datacenter Services

Our partner's distinct services portfolio comprises of Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud Hosting, Private Server Hosting and static Virtual Servers (VPS Hosting). These are well complemented by the expertise in: Database Management, Remote Data Center Management, Cross Platform DR Hosting & Migrations, managing Linux, Unix and Windows Servers

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Data Centers

Tier III Fully Managed Datacenter

Our partner has pioneered the concept of Green Data Centers in India. Their Uptime Institute Certified Tier III Data Centers also hold the distinction of having the lowest latency amongst DC’s located in India, which adds a lot of value to our Cloud offerings and this has also helped to be the best Cloud service provider in India offering floating Virtual Machines across multiple Data Centers

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eNlight Cloud

Enabling Futurability

Our partner's core focus is to Enable Scalability, Dependability and Security with next generation Cloud technology. The innovative Enterprise products and solutions include our partner's patented(No.9176788) Auto-Scalable eNlight Cloud Hosting Platform, most innovative and disruptive Cloud Technology - eNlight 360° (an on-premise Software defined Cloud and Software defined Data Center with auto-scaling, Cloud Brust feature and Managed Services), eMagic -Datacenter Management Suite and MTvScan - Web Vulnerability Scanner

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Exuberant Support

Exuberant Support and 24x7 Services

We take immense pride in the competency and discipline of our and our partner's Technology Support Staff. Their dedication and expertise in managing Servers, all types of Operating Systems, DB’s, Applications, Firewalls and Network helps us maintain the standard of service and support that competition cannot match as of now

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Professional Basic

Enrich your Professional Carrier from the expertises of our Talent Transformation department

The course has been designed to give a great exposure of Modern Computing, System Knowledge, Cloud Technologies, Ethical Hacking, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, MIS Reports, Network & Applications, Social Media in Digital Marketing, Basic knowledge of Designing/Editing/Accounting

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Programming in C

Boost your academic & started your career as Software and/or Hardware Programmer

C is the most fundamental language among all. Develop your first software with C programming language

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Data Structure using C

Upgrade your C-Language skills and top-up with knowledge of structural data

It is a knowledge to understand the various Data-Storing-Format and also Organize them. Advance your knowledge in C with Data Structure. It is one of the fundamental knowledgebases for all Academic Students and Software Programmers.

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Object Oriented Programming using C++

Get started your career with Object Oriented Programming using C++

C++ is the most fundamental language among all to facilitate Object Oriented Programming. Write your first object oriented program using C++.

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